Dear Parents,

Welcome and thank you for choosing On Our Way Learning Center for your child care needs. We
appreciate that you thought enough of our facility to entrust us with your most precious possession,
your child. Together, in conjunction with your time and support, we look forward to watching your child
grow and blossom into the absolute best version of themselves.
At On Our Way Learning Center we want you to be as involved in the development of your
child’s growth and development as much as possible, therefore we offer an open door policy. You are
more than welcome to come onsite and check in on your little one at anytime throughout the course of
the day. However, the only caveat is we ask that you are mindful of the classroom’s schedule when
visiting. With the students’ education being of the utmost importance, we look to keep daily lesson
plans in tact regardless of visitation.
If you would like to schedule a meeting with the facility director or a specific staff member
please schedule in advance to ensure that all parties are available to discuss any questions, comments,
or concerns you may like to address. Also, don’t forget, you are required to sign each child in and out
using your government name each day they attend the center. This is not only a request of the facility
but a necessity in accordance to Florida Statues sections 402.26 – 402.319.
Again, thank you for allowing us to become members of your extended family. We welcome
your feedback and value your ideas on how we can better help services, so feel free to share any
suggestions you may have. At OOWLC, we love your little ones like they are our own and we look
forward to working with you to mold them into the little leaders of tomorrow they’re destined to



We do not discriminate against children based on race, national origin, ethnic background, sex, religious affiliations, or disability or regarding discrimination against staff persons on the basis of religion.

You are required to sign each child in and out for every day they attend this center. It must be your legal signature and include time in and out.