Children at this level range from 6 weeks to 11 months old. There is lots of love and
nurturing given at this age. Our infants begin to recognize faces and voices to become comfortable with
the school’s setting.

FEES : $260

Children at this level range from 12 – 23 months. Toddler Ones are beginning to mobilize.
Most children in this age group have already began crawling, however, during this time frame they learn
how to walk and run on their own. Consider transitioning toddler ones into their first pair of walking
shoes which will help them with balance as well as giving proper shock absorption, support and
protection for their little legs and feet.

FEES: $220

Children at this level are 2 years old. In Toddler Two’s kids begin to learn the stages of
potty training. We ask that parents with children at this learning level aid us in transitioning your
children from diapers into potty training pants. We ask that you bring in disposable potty training pants
and please remember to pack extras.

FEES: $190

Children at this level are 3 years old. Past the potty-training stage and fully capable of going to
the bathroom alone, kids in PreK3 begin exploring new challenges like learning to spell their names, new
sounds through music, and positive self-esteem habits through communicating and playing with other

FEES: $170

Children at this level are our younger 4 year olds before they begin VPK. PreK4 kids begin
preparation for the upcoming world of elementary school. At this level, in subjects like math and
reading, students begin learning to count and recognize the numbers 1-10, alphabetical patterns,
repeating simple nursery rhymes, building new vocabulary, sequencing, and properly holding writing
utensils etc.

FEES: $150

Children at this level are our older 4 year olds as of September 1 of the current school year. The
‘big kids’ in the bunch, VPK students learn everything they need to prepare for secondary school. Along
with the aforementioned PreK4 teachings, VPK students are taught classroom essentials and
organization. This includes but is not limited to remembering and using (putting away jackets, bookbags,
assigned homework, and etc.) designated classroom spaces, the importance of listening to directions,
and honing language skills and vocabulary development. Through interacting with others (teachers and
classmates) VPK students begin to understand sentence structure and form their own opinions through
critical thinking.

FEES: FREE (8:30am-3pm) 0r $120 (Before and After Care)

On Our Way Learning Center also offers after school care for children
grades VPK – 5 th grade.

FEES: $120

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